Improve the ability of female sex commonly used ways to exercise

Women in sexual function strong, uterus, ovaries, vaginal, genitals are very soft, and elastic, so the contraction of the vagina is very good also. Than, if want to strengthen women’s sexual function, should make her organ in soft, vaginal contractions.

It should be noted, however, is when menstruation do not to do the following method.

Women touch a thigh

Legs apart, sat is forward. Eyes closed up slightly.

Right hand overlap on the left hand, use the left hand palms in her left leg medial touch 2 to 3 minutes.

Overlapping on the right hand left hand, using the right hand in his right leg medial touch 2 to 3 minutes.

Touch the inner thigh gist is touched by knee upgrade. If in the opposite direction is invalid. This method should do in the morning and once, at least to do twice a day. If you have time to do a three or five times a day, believe that will be bigger and better effect.

This method and described above men method is the same method, but the order of the men and women approach just about instead, this is because the men and women, to the contrary in the direction of qi and blood circulation. About the order must be in accordance with the specified steps, otherwise is invalid.

Female vagina beside the method

Sit is legs forward, breathe out the mouth, hands separately, and then slowly forward extension.

Nose breathe in slowly, with his hands, thumb in a fist clenched on your side, then the anus to shrink.

Before the difficulty in breathing, slowly release the anus and exhale, both hands straight.

The above actions done 3 times, again slowly.

Women shrink vaginal approach

Your legs slightly wider than shoulder stand apart.

One hand little finger and ring finger abdomen on the ass behind ditch, vibration, rub up and down for 1 minute.

The other hand, repeat the action. Take turns to do with your left and right hand, 1 minute, about 10 times for about 10 minutes. This kind of method to do two or three times a day. After defecate, because the brawn is flabby, must do. As long as the anus tightened, vaginal tightening will follow.

Improve the ability of female sex commonly used ways to exercise

Female uterus hygiene

This method is robust in order to make the uterine and ovary blood gas circulation. A woman monthly menstruation will the extra blood stasis eduction body outside, if the blood circulation of the weak, blood stasis can’t row, toxins will flow in the body, cause headaches and physical pain. After, the blood stasis will become the main reason for the menopause obstacles, so this method is menopause obstacle of therapy, is ingenious women rejuvenation.

Sitting (foot without overlapping hunker method). Take a deep breath.

The nose suction, arms crossed forcibly hold around the knee.

Stop breathing that let go of the knee, with his hands overlap.

Overlap of both hands palm pat twice in the abdomen, breathe out the mouth.

The above actions done 3 to 7 times in total. Be sure to breathe out before difficulty breathing.

This way, as long as have been doing since 35 years old, can prevent the menopause obstacles, to 50, 60 years old, the whole appearance looks like young.

Entering menopause or menstruation has stopped, this method can be used to make the blood stasis eduction body outside, eternal youth.

20110301153607315It is generally thought that the woman menstruation stop time also is a time when women sexual desire to terminate, but direct operation can be used to make sex organs and the whole body blood flow and lively, feminine beauty endure for ever, the joy of sex also increased greatly.

Women should be alert to the vagina relaxation after the age of 30

Vaginal relaxation is each women must go through phases, Especially with children of women, may be because the process of production strain, causing vaginal relaxation, difficult to recover. The main reason, however, that female vaginal relaxation can be not only that.

 1, age,

 A middle-aged and old women over 40 vaginal will as the years went by and natural aging, ovarian function will gradually subside, the decrease of estrogen, muscle tension, mucosal atrophy, therefore the vagina flabby, dry, lack of flexibility.

 2, birth

 Production of women, the vagina can be expanded to the original hundreds, especially natural childbirth puerpera, birth trauma, medium-term induced labor will inevitably experience vaginal lesions, multiple births, vaginal elasticity fiber was completely broke.

 3, sex life

 History of women after 30 years of age or sex more than three years, the vagina will be aging because of long service life, often stretching relaxation, a vaginal relaxation is wide, stimulate response is reduced, vaginal wall drainage reduction, can directly affect the quality of both sexual.

 4, abortion, drug flow

 Women in early pregnancy, vaginal and pelvic muscles are already flabby. Abortion, medicine flow, the vagina after expansion and less resilient, postoperative drainage unclean group content in the vagina dome after fold and residue, the vaginal walls.

 Women’s vagina relaxation is inevitable, so is there any way to make it recover?

 1, the method of operation

 Vaginal tightening surgery can improve the condition of vaginal relaxation. Methods: there are two main types of another is part of the wall after removal of vaginal mucous membrane directly, and then suture austerity in order to achieve the purpose; Second, don’t damage the vaginal mucosa of vagina tightening. If you really need, you can consult your doctor.

 2, movement,

 ”Accept anal gas” method can exercise the pelvic muscles. The method is: in the place where the air is fresh in the morning and evening, breath after deep breath. At the same time, such as bear big, urinate contraction anus, so repeated more than 100 times.

 3, drugs,

 Koro drug prevention and treatment of vaginal cell ageing causes of vaginal relaxation, ease the female vagina relaxation. But no girl, pregnant, and menstrual period of sex of women should not be used.


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